Freecad 0.17 for beginners

Hi everyone! Today I continue the exercises but this time I upgraded Freecad to version 0.17. There are some differences and we have more option to use. I created this model using only the part design workbench. If you want to see how I did it step by step I invite you to my Youtube channel to see Tutorial 2.


In short you need six sketches for the construction which I show below.

First sketch I draw at XY plane. I create a pad into reverse side.
The second sketch I draw at the top face of the pad. Than I make a pocket.

At the front face of the pocket I draw a circle. This is the third sketch. I make a hole using a pocket function. I use a multitransform to get two rows of seven holes.

Next at the plane XY I draw a circle and I place it 160 mm above. Using the first sketch and this circle I create a loft. At the top face of the loft I draw another smaller circle. With the smaller circle and the sketch no2 I create another loft using a new function to remove inside part.

The last sketch is polyline. I use it as a path for sweep. As a profile I use the two circle witch I made previously. By marking the path you need hold ctrl. Sweep you can use in similar way as loft; make the first shape and than second sweep to remove inside part.

I encourage you to see Tutorial 2 at my Youtube channel to get more details.

Thank you for your visit and have a good time with Freecad!

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