Freecad 0.17 in April – part 1

Dear readers,

in April I have uploaded already two videos on my youtube channel. It is workflow in Freecad v 0.17. In this exercises I use mostly Part Design workbench. Although the new version of Part Design is much more extended than previously in some cases it is need to use also Draft or Part workbench.

In tutorial no 4 I wanted to create a model with a rounded surface. As I don’t know yet how to use more advanced tools from Nurbs or Curves workbench I decided to do it in a simple way. I needed just some lines to make a surface but each of them should be at different plane. In Draft workbench it is a very good tool for that – you can select a plane easy and just draw in a 3D view window. To gain more accurate result I could put some parameters at the combo view. One of the line I copied (using ctrl + c and ctrl + v in combo view) and I changed a parameters of the position.

Draft workbench and working planes gives enormous possibility to draw in 3d view.

The next step is in Part workbench. I used loft tool to create a very nice rounded surface. Mind that the order of checking the pieces is very important to make a surface. Other tools like ruled surface didn’t work in this case as I expected. It is not an advance surface modelling but as a beginner user of Freecad I am satisfied of the received effect. The end was simple – I made a mirror to copy the surface at XY plane ( because I made a symmetrical pad at the beginning), and run a boolean operation – intersection of two shapes. The whole process you are welcome to see at the video below:

4 thoughts on “Freecad 0.17 in April – part 1

  1. You make a very good tutorial and then ruin it by using a crummy screen capture program. The videos you make are therefore blurry and hard to see.


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